Who we are

         SM-TEX is a garment supplier industrial company that is located in Eastern EU in Sofia Bulgaria. SM-TEX has been manufacturing ladies and men garments for International chain stores and fashion houses under these customer’s labels for almost decade. We have been dealing and been corporate supplier of various types of retail brands in EU and USA.  SM-TEX is a supplier of full products of ready to wear garments. 

          SM-TEX ‘s production organization is very well attached to needs & changes of garment sector in term of developing collection and bulk production with most efficient ways to compete with rest of garment supplying countries in the world. 

          Since with new changes and challenges of garment industry, which requires providing quality of garments to sustain price and quality equilibrium of ready wear products, SM-TEX is highly specialized in supplying ready wear products according to this criteria of this current textile market reality.

          SM-TEX sells its products by the collection which means that SM-TEX design activities of ready wear products starts from yarns, fabrics, accessories and garment style and models which are well attached to fashion trends in EU and USA. Our design team works on two main collections and there almost 8-sub collection that supports main 2 collections according to bestseller items in the retail high street shops.